Seychelles - AAS National Winner

An All America Selections Award winner: that’s the pole bean Seychelles! This beautiful, dark green and round podded, stringless pole bean produces six equally perfect quality pods in a loose hanging truss. A unique trait which makes it possible to either harvest the beans by one swipe of the hand, or as beans on the vine for fresh pack in cello packs. An ideal variety with which labour costs can be reduced. The uniform, perfect quality pods, are very smooth and straight with an extremely high pack-out percentage. This assures more net product! Due to the densely packed, firm fresh green gel content and the ability to keep the bright, dark green, external color for a long period, the shelf life of this attractive bean is very long.

The pods can be picked at various diameters and lengths, ranging from 8-9 mm and 12 cm long, to 9-10 mm and 14 cm long. Seychelles produces a fresh-green firm gel around the very small, slowly developing seeds. It is resistant to Anthracnose and BCMV and is suitable for greenhouse production and can also be cultivated outdoors under cool conditions. Seychelles produces high yields in multiple crops over the growing season and is easy to maintain. On top of this the variety has resistance against Bean Common Mosaic Virus and Anthracnose.