A presentation of Bakker Brothers’ assortment during the 1st edition of the open days

The past week we have opened our doors for our first open days in the Netherlands. We are honoured that customers from all kinds of industries, fresh market and processing, visited our trial fields and were able to see part of our wide range of crop varieties.

The crops sown on our trial fields were, among others, squash, pumpkin, eggplant, beans and carrots. These varieties were sown to coincide with the week of the open days. The bean and carrot sowing were done every week over a 3 week period of time, to make sure our customers see these two crops at a young as well as a mature stage. Several control varieties were sown to give visitors a good reference to evaluate our varieties.

Our guests gave our carrot and bean varieties an excellent score for fresh market and processing. Visitors were especially interested in beans Catalina (for the extra fine fresh market and processing industry); Elba and Caledonia (for the fresh export market out of Africa to Europe as well as processing in Europe) and Lavezzi (with its dark green colour for bobby bean fresh pack).

The four newly released semi-commercial Nantes type carrots, teased the appetite of growers.

Bakker Brothers has a wide variety of fruit crops which are especially suitable for green house, and outdoor production in warmer areas. Due to the Dutch outdoor growing conditions not all of these fruit crops could be grown outside, but we had a whole range on display in our exhibition tent. Between snacks and drinks, our visitors could see, smell, feel and taste a wide range of tomatoes, cucumbers, eggplants, peppers and climbing beans. Our four, in their class, outstanding climbing beans were on display. Of these the All-America Selections Award winner Seychelles, got a lot of attention due to its superb straightness and quality. Madagaskar, a long dark green bean variety with super high yield, got the same attention for the longer bean target markets.

Within the Benelux area, Bakker Brothers might be a modest player in the field of beans and carrots, but we have proven to have very good varieties to offer. Our Elba and Caledonia have both proven their success in the field, and therefore enjoyed the attention of our customers.

All details about our varieties can be found on our website and / or in our brochures.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our guests for visiting and making the first edition of our open days in the Netherlands a huge success!